Welcome to the Blog, “Anthropology 4U: A Beginner’s Guide!”

Welcome to the Blog! Image of hands with a map of the world on them.

Welcome to the blog!

“Is Anthropology hard?” “Is Cultural Anthropology a hard class?” “Is Anthropology difficult?” These are just some of the questions people ask about Anthropology in Google searches online.

There’s the idea among students that Anthropology is hard to study. While it’s true that many students struggle with Introductory Anthropology classes, Anthropology doesn’t have to be hard!

The goal of this blog, “Anthropology 4U: A Beginner’s Guide” is to make the field of Anthropology more accessible to beginners, and the general public. In this blog, I will be writing about topics in all 4 fields of Anthropology, in a way that makes the concepts easy to understand.

Don’t know what Anthropology is? Don’t worry, just read the next blog post! Can’t wait? Check out the American Anthropological Association’s website for more information on Anthropology.

Again, welcome to the blog, and thanks for reading!

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