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14 TED Talks That Anyone Interested in Anthropology Should Watch!

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Many people have heard of TED talks, but if you haven’t, you’ll want to check them out! These are short talks (less than 15 minutes long) on every sort of topic imaginable, given by expert speakers. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, and the motto is “ideas worth spreading.” A conference is held each year with various speakers, and the videos are posted online at this website: If you’re interested in Anthropology, here’s 14 TED talks you definitely should watch!

Cultural Anthropology

Physical Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology


Forensic Anthropology

I hope you enjoyed this list of 14 TED Talks you should watch if you’re interested in Anthropology! While there are many more great Anthropology-related TED talks, this list will at least get you started. If there is an Anthropology-related TED talk that you think should be included in a future post, just send me a message.

Thanks for reading!

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