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Anthropology Adult Coloring Books Coming Soon!

Anthropology adult coloring books

I’m excited to announce that I am in the process of creating Anthropology adult coloring books! There will be a total of 4 coloring books: one for Cultural Anthropology, one for Physical/Biological Anthropology, one for Archaeology, and one for Linguistic Anthropology.

Anthropology adult coloring book sample page

I will be selling these coloring books on soon. You will be able to buy them individually, or you can get a bundle deal with all 4 coloring books. I’ll announce in a blog post and on social media when the coloring books are available for sale. I expect them to be available on Amazon by late July 2022 or early August 2022.

Anthropology adult coloring book sample page

In the meantime, I’d like to give you a FREE preview of what these Anthropology adult coloring books will be like! Below is a link to my online store where you can download an example coloring page from each book in PDF form for FREE. Then, just print out each page and start coloring!

Anthropology adult coloring book sample page

Please do NOT try to print the images on this page. They are not sized and formatted for printing. Please use the download links I provide in my store! Also, please note that you need to provide a first name and email address in order to download items from my store. This is a requirement of the software that I use. However, I do NOT keep your name or email address. If you have any problems downloading the files, please contact me!

Anthropology adult coloring book sample page

Here is the link to my online store. Happy coloring!

Thanks for reading!

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