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Introducing the Anthropology 4U Space on Quora!

Introducing the new Anthropology 4U Space on Quora

I’d like to introduce the new Anthropology 4U Space on Quora!

If you aren’t familiar with Quora, it is a popular question and answer site (just check out Quora recently invited me to create a Space, and so I did! Spaces are a way to curate questions and answers around a topic and create a community of people. It’s similar to Groups on Facebook.

I have named my Space “Anthropology 4U,” and you can find it in two ways:

1. by going to and putting “Anthropology 4U” in the search box, and choosing “Space: Anthropology 4U”

2. by clicking on this invitation link

I have already posted some of my answers to questions about Anthropology within the Space. Also, I’m in the process of sharing posts others have written as well. I will continue to add more and more content over time.

Anyone who is interested in Anthropology is welcome, but the Space is geared mainly towards those at a beginner level. This reflects the mission and goals of Anthropology 4U’s website, blog, and services. So, if you are new to the field of Anthropology, or you are an undergraduate student in Anthropology, this Space was made for you!

I hope to see you in the new Quora Space sometime soon!

Thanks for reading!