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Back to School: Online Anthropology Courses

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It’s back to school time! If you aren’t in school, but you’re interested in taking some online Anthropology courses, this post is for you! Here is a list of over 50 courses related to the 4 fields of Anthropology. Each of these Anthropology-related courses can be taken for FREE (just choose the “audit” or free option)!

Cultural Anthropology

  1. Anthropology: Understanding Societies and Cultures 
  2. Why We Post: the Anthropology of Social Media 
  3. Global Studies: Risks and Threats in International Relations 
  4. Cultural Diplomacy
  5. Introduction to Intercultural Studies: The Branding of Culture 
  6. Improve Your Intercultural Competence
  7. Introduction to Intercultural Studies: Crossing Borders
  8. Many Faces: Understanding the Complexities of Chinese Culture 
  9. Communicating with Diverse Audiences 
  10. Develop Your Cultural Intelligence 
  11. Gender Representation in the Media 
  12. Understanding Diversity and Inclusion 
  13. Introduction to Intercultural Studies: Defining the Concept of Culture
  14. An Introduction to Japanese Subcultures 
  15. Cultures and Identities in Europe 
  16. Global Studies: Cultures and Organizations in International Relations 
  17. Aboriginal Worldviews and Education 
  18. Cultural Competence – Aboriginal Sydney 
  19. Sports and Society 
  20. Israel State and Society 
  21. Social Science Approaches to the Study of Chinese Society Part 1 
  22. Social Science Approaches to the Study of Chinese Society Part 2 
  23. Indigenous Canada 
  24. Social Norms, Social Change I 
  25. Social Norms, Social Change II
  26. America Through Foreign Eyes 
  27. Gender, Family, and Social Change in Contemporary South Korea 
  28. Chinese Culture and Contemporary China 
  29. Religions and Society in China 
  30. American Deaf Culture 
  31. Queering Identities: LGBTQ+ Sexuality and Gender Identity 
  32. Intercultural Management 
  33. International migrations: A Global Issue
  34. Anthropology of Current World Issues 
  35. Globalization: Past and Future 

Physical Anthropology

  1. Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology  
  2. Osteoarchaeology: The Truth in Our Bones 
  3. Introduction to Human Behavioral Genetics 
  4. From Disease to Genes and Back 
  5. Introduction to Genetics and Evolution 
  6. Evolution of the Human Sociality: A Quest for the Origin of Our Social Behavior 
  7. Origins of the Human Mind 


  1. Archaeology: from Dig to Lab and Beyond 
  2. Archaeology and the Battle of Dunbar 1650: From the Scottish Battlefield to the New World  
  3. Exploring Stone Age Archaeology: The Mysteries of Star Carr  
  4. Health and Wellbeing in the Ancient World 
  5. Roman Art and Archaeology 
  6. Wonders of Ancient Egypt 
  7. At the Origins of the Mediterranean Civilization: Archaeology of the City from the Levant to the West – 3rd-1st millennium BC 
  8. Archaeoastronomy 
  9. Recovering the Humankind’s Past and Saving the Universal Heritage 
  10. The Changing Landscape of Ancient Rome. Archaeology and History of the Palatine Hill 
  11. Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Its Civilization  
  12. Pyramids of Giza: Ancient Egyptian Art and Archaeology 

Linguistic Anthropology

  1. Introduction to Intercultural Studies: Language and Culture 
  2. Intercultural Communication 
  3. Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics 
  4. Understanding Russians: Contexts of Intercultural Communication 
  5. Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution 

I hope you enjoyed this list of free online Anthropology courses! And, I hope that you find a course (or 2! or more!) that interests you!

Thanks for reading!