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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are links to pages that answer frequently asked questions. You can learn more about Anthropology in general, Anthropology 4U, and the Anthropology 4U Academy. There are also links to both my Privacy Policy and my website Terms and Conditions. If your question is not answered here, please contact me!

FAQ: General

Are you looking for answers to general questions about Anthropology or Anthropology 4U? Check out the FAQ: General page of this website! Learn about what exactly Anthropology is, and read a little about each of the 4 fields of Anthropology. You can also find out what Anthropology 4U is, and who founded it.

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Rock art

FAQ: Academy

Are you looking for answers to frequently asked questions about the Anthropology 4U Academy? Check out the FAQ: Academy page of this website! Find out how the courses are structured, and how to take a course. You can also find out how to get help when you need it!

Privacy Policy

Are you looking for Anthropology 4U’s Privacy Policy? Check out the Privacy Policy page! Your privacy is important to me. Anthropology 4U does NOT sell your personal  information. And, Anthropology 4U does NOT allow advertisements on its website.

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Terms & Conditions

Are you looking for terms and conditions related to the website or taking a course from the Anthropology 4U Academy? Check out the Terms & Conditions page! Please respect my work! You are not allowed to take my course materials and sell them or use them for your own purposes.