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FREE Anthropology eBooks!

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In a previous post, I showed you where you can get free Anthropology textbooks. But what if you are also looking for free Anthropology ebooks? Then this blog post is for you!

You can download many free Anthropology ebooks at the UCL Press website. There, you will find a huge list of open access books, in many different disciplines. A few of the books are coming soon, but the publication date is listed so that you can check back later. 

For example, since I am a Medical Anthropologist, I downloaded an ebook called, “Critical Medical Anthropology: Perspectives in and from Latin America.” I also bookmarked the ebooks, “Epidemiological Change and Chronic Disease in Sub-Saharan Africa” and “Biosocial Worlds: Anthropology of Health Environments Beyond Determinism,” so that when they are published I can download them.

Mobile phone with screen that says "Social" with social media icons.

If you are interested in social media, you might want to check out, “Visualizing Facebook: A Comparative Perspective” and “How the World Changed Social Media.” There are also several other social media ebooks, each covering a different country of the world.

If you are interested in food and sustainability, you might want to download, “Sustainable Food Systems: The Role of the City.”

If religion is more your thing, then check out “Being Young, Male and Muslim in Luton” and “New Islamic Urbanism” and “Outrage: The Rise of Religious Offence in Contemporary South Asia.”

If museums interest you, then you may want to download “Scattered Finds: Archaeology, Egyptology and Museums” and “Museum Object Lessons for a Digital Age.”

a city at night

If you are interested in cities and urbanization, then check out “Suburban Urbanites: Suburbs and the Life of the High Street” or “Studying Diversity, Migration and Urban Multiculture” or “Shaping Urban Futures in Mongolia” or “London’s Urban Landscape” or “Cities Made of Boundaries.”

What about housing issues? Check out “From Conflict to Inclusion in Housing” and “Self-Build Homes.”

If you want books on life in different cultures, try “Arcticness: Power and Voice from the North” and “Grey Area: Regulating Amsterdam’s Coffeeshops” and “Subjective Lives and Economic Transformations in Mongolia.”

Well, I’ve listed a lot of free Anthropology ebooks. But there’s many more! Just visit the UCL Press website for these and more free ebooks!

Thanks for reading!