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How Can Cultural Anthropology Be Used In Marketing?

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Cultural Anthropology can give you insight into marketing in many ways. Cultural Anthropology can explain to marketing more about target customers since they will be different in different cultures. Consumers around the world are all different, and so there are age differences, gender differences, differences in sexual orientation, regional differences, religious differences, ethnic differences, etc. Here are a few examples:


Age affects consumer behavior. For example, let’s look at teens. There is a sort of “teen culture,” but it is different in different countries. Teens in different cultures have different tastes and expectations, and Anthropology can explain those to a marketer. For example, Anthropology can tell you that in some cultures, teens are interested in thrills, while in other cultures, teens are more resigned or quiet. Knowing more about teens and teen culture from Anthropology can help marketers market to a teen audience.


Gender affects consumer behavior as well. Each gender is supposed to behave a certain way, but exactly how they should behave is different in different cultures. Certain products can be marketed to one gender or another, and Anthropology can help the marketer make sure that the product will be acceptable to each gender in that culture.

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation affects consumer behavior, too. Anthropology can explain to you that sexual orientations are different in different cultures, and explain how to use LGBTQ-friendly advertising.

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Regional differences

The region where people live can affect their consumer behavior. For example, in the United States, there are sub-cultures, and marketers should market to them differently. For example, someone from the New England region of the United States probably likes lobster and skiing, but someone from Texas may rather have BBQ and rodeos.


Religion can affect a consumer’s behavior as well. Since Anthropology studies religion, it can help you figure out if it’s okay to market certain things to certain religious cultures. For example, in India, Hindus do not eat beef, so it would not be a good idea for McDonald’s to market there unless they change their menu.


Ethnicity can affect customer behavior. Different ethnic groups have different buying habits, and Anthropology can help you understand each culture you want to market to. For example, if you are selling golf balls to Asians, you should not create a 4 pack of golf balls, because the number 4 is unlucky in that culture.

Learn More

These are just a few examples, but hopefully, you can see how Cultural Anthropology can contribute to marketing. Anthropology studies all the different people in the world, and how they think and behave, and this is of great value to marketing. Want to learn more? Check out this article, How anthropology can help you unlock dazzling marketing ideas.

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