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I Was on the Anthropology in Business Podcast!

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I’d like to share some exciting news! I was recently interviewed about Anthropology 4U on the Anthropology in Business podcast! But before I talk more about that, I’d like to talk about the podcast itself and its creator.

What is the Anthropology in Business Podcast?

The Anthropology in Business podcast is a well-known anthropology-related podcast that focuses on the ways Anthropology can be applied to the business world. According to the podcast’s website, “the Anthropology in Business podcast is for anthropologists and business leaders interested in learning more about the many ways anthropology is applied in business and why business anthropology is one of the most effective lenses for making sense of organizations and consumers.” (Reference)

Each podcast features an Anthropologist who has applied Anthropology to different situations. There are currently about 35 episodes to listen to, and new episodes are being created all the time. You can listen to these podcasts directly on the Anthropology in Business website. There are also links to many different podcast hosting platforms that you can listen on as well, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Amazon.

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Who Created the Anthropology in Business Podcast?

The Anthropology in Business Podcast was created by Matt Artz. He is an accomplished Business Anthropologist who specializes in Design Anthropology. According to his website, he also works “at the intersection of product management, user experience, and business strategy.” (Reference)

Besides hosting this podcast, Matt Artz offers career coaching services to Anthropologists who want to work in the field of UX (User eXperience), through his business, “Anthro to UX.” You can learn more about these services at the Anthro to UX website.

Matt Artz is also the Founder and Principal Researcher at Azimuth Labs, which is an Anthropology consulting firm. You can learn more about Azimuth Labs through its website.

In addition, Matt Artz has given talks at the prestigious TEDx and SXSW (South by Southwest) conferences. You can learn more about him through his website. There you can view his publications, read press articles about him, purchase posters, and even listen to his original music!

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Why Was the Anthropology in Business Podcast Created?

According to Matt Artz, he created the podcast “because anthropology is one of the most effective lenses for making sense of organizations and consumers, and yet, it’s one of the least adopted.” He goes on to say that Business Anthropology can help “improve our organizational culture, understand our consumers, innovate products and services, and design a business strategy that is differentiated and sustainable.” (Reference)

He then notes that there have been two problems with the discipline of Business Anthropology. First of all, universities are not training their Anthropology students to work in business. And second, businesses don’t know what Anthropology is and how it can be applied to business. As a result, they don’t know why they should hire Anthropologists. (Reference)

So, Matt Artz started the podcast “as a form of public anthropology to help other anthropologists transition from academia to business and to increase our media visibility.” (Reference)

Screenshot of part of the Anthropology in Business website. I do not own this image.
Screenshot of part of the Anthropology in Business website. I do not own this image.

My Interview

I’m very excited to tell you that I was featured on one of Matt Artz’s Anthropology in Business podcast episodes! I talked with him about how I became interested in Anthropology, and how I started my business, “Anthropology 4U.” The podcast details explain that “in this episode of the Anthropology in Business podcast, Keirsten Snover speaks with Matt Artz about her career as a business anthropologist. The conversation covers Keirsten’s journey from studying anthropology to founding Anthropology 4U, an online education company offering courses in anthropology.” (Reference) You can listen to the episode at this link.

Learn More

I hope you listen to the podcast episode that I was featured in! I also highly suggest listening to the other Anthropology in Business podcast episodes, to learn about the varied ways Anthropologists can contribute to the business world.

If you want to learn more about Business Anthropology, check out Matt Artz’s article, “What is Business Anthropology?

Also, you can learn more about the application of Anthropology to business in my two blog posts, Why is Cultural Anthropology Important in Business? and Does a Small Business Need to Consider Culture?

You can also learn more by reading the books mentioned in the article, “10 Must-Read Books on Anthropology in Business and Design.”

Thanks for reading!

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