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I’m Now an Instructor on!

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I’m excited to announce that I have become an instructor for, a top online course platform with millions of students! I am currently in the process of placing my 5 current online courses on this platform. The first course I will offer on this platform is my genetics and evolution course. Right now this course is on under the title, “Exploring Genetics and Evolution Through Physical Anthropology.” On Alison, the course will be called, “Understanding Genetics and Evolution Through Biological Anthropology.” So, what is the difference between these two courses?

First, the Alison course is free, while the Udemy course has a fee. If you take the Alison course, there will be ads, but you can pay a small monthly fee to remove the ads. You can also pay for an Alison certificate when you complete the course. The fee you pay for the Udemy course includes the cost of the certificate.

Second, the structure and format of the courses are different. The Udemy course is video-based, while the Alison course is text-based. So, the two courses are for different learning styles. If you prefer to watch videos, then the Udemy course is a better option for you. But, if you prefer to read new information, then the Alison course is a better choice.

Third, the course content is different. The Udemy course includes links to readings and YouTube videos to complement each lecture. The Alison course does not include these readings and video links. Also, the Udemy course includes assignments in the form of fillable PDF worksheets, while the Alison course does not include assignments.

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Fourth, the assessment of learning is different. The Udemy course involves a 5 question multiple choice quiz at the end of each unit. The Alison course involves many quizzes with different question formats, and there also are 2 chapter tests and a final test.

Fifth, access to me, the instructor is different. The Udemy platform allows you to contact me through a messaging system if you have questions or need help. The Alison platform does not allow you to contact me through their system. (Although you can always contact me through my website’s contact page or by email and I’d be happy to help you!)

And finally, the lecture content is temporarily different. I have updated the lectures and added a few new lectures for the Alison version of the course. I will be updating the Udemy course lectures as well, but this will take some time. So, for a little while, the lecture content will be different. Please note that if you take my current version of the course on Udemy, you will automatically get access to the updated course when it goes live.

I hope you are as excited about this as I am! If you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to email me at, and I’d be happy to assist you! I’ll let you know in a post when my courses go live on

Thanks for reading!