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Introducing My Latest FREE Online Course!

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I’m very excited to introduce my latest online course, “Diploma in Genetics and Evolution Through Biological Anthropology!” This course is FREE (with ads) through a well-known online course platform called

What is is a well-known online course platform. Over 21 million people from 195 countries are taking courses through this website. Alison currently offers over 3,500 online courses, and new courses are added weekly.

The Course is FREE?

Yes! My course is FREE, but you will have short ads (about 8 seconds long) in between the lessons. You can opt to pay a monthly fee of 7.99 Euros to remove the ads.

Earn a Diploma

Completing my course successfully entitles you to purchase a Diploma. Purchasing a Diploma is completely optional! Prices start at 65 Euros for a digital diploma, and go up to 115 Euros for a framed paper diploma.

How is This Course Different Than My Udemy Courses?

First of all, this Alison course is FREE. My Udemy courses require payment. Also, my Udemy courses are made up of videos. The Alison course is made up of pages of text on the screen. And, my Udemy courses involve readings, links to YouTube videos, short quizzes, and written assignments. In contrast, the Alison course only involves quizzes and a final exam. Also, I have added more content to the Alison course, so the course content is not exactly the same. In addition, if you take my Udemy courses, you can contact me through the course with any questions. If you take my Alison course, you do not have direct access to me for help. However, you can always contact me through my website and I’d be happy to help you!

What Will I Learn?

Here are the Learning Outcomes for this course:

  • Identify the 4 fields of Anthropology and subfields of Biological Anthropology
  • Describe the cell, DNA, chromosomes, mitosis, and meiosis
  • Explain basic concepts in Mendelian and non-Mendelian genetics
  • Discuss human genetics and traits, including height, weight, handedness, lactase persistence, and alcohol tolerance
  • Recognize the genetics of ABO blood groups, sickle cell anemia, and Type 2 diabetes
  • Identify the development of evolutionary thought
  • Recognize microevolution, including mutations, gene flow, genetic drift, and founder effect
  • Discuss the different concepts of species and types of speciation
  • Describe different types of DNA and how they are used to study human evolution
  • Recall the genetics and evolution of Neanderthals
  • Recognize examples of contemporary human evolution

And here is the course description:

This free online Biological Anthropology course will begin by introducing you to the discipline of Anthropology. You will first learn about the four fields of Anthropology and then focus on the field of Biological Anthropology. Biological Anthropology includes many topics, including a study of genetics and evolution, which is the focus of this diploma certification course. It is actually TWO classes in one—you will learn both genetics and evolution! Why is half of the course about genetics? Well, in order to really understand evolution and the way it works, you first need to understand genetics.

In the first half of this diploma course, you will learn about basic genetics concepts, including DNA and chromosomes. Then, you will learn about both Mendelian and non-Mendelian genetics. Also, you will learn about the genetics of several human traits and diseases. In the second half of this diploma course, you will learn about evolution. First, you will learn about the history of evolutionary thought. Next, you will learn about microevolution and macroevolution. Then, you will learn how studying genetics helps us understand human evolution. Also, you will learn about what genetics can tell us about Neanderthals, one of our closest relatives. And, you will learn the relationship between genetics and cultural practices, and even how culture influences evolution. Finally, you will learn about some examples of contemporary human evolution.

Some people think that evolution means that humans evolved from monkeys. But that’s not true! Take this free online course and find out what evolution really is, and how it works! Please note: this course does not focus on proving evolution. If you are against the idea of evolution and don’t want to learn about it, then this course is not for you. But if you’re curious about evolution and how it really works, then enroll in this course right now and earn your diploma today!

Want Even More Details?

If you want to view the titles of each lesson, just go to the course page on the Alison website and select “Modules” in the menu at the bottom of the page.

How Do I Enroll?

Just go to this link to enroll in this free course! You can also go to the home page and search for “Anthropology.” (Here’s the full link: You can also go to my Academy page and click the button under “Physical Anthropology” and then click the button under “Genetics & Evolution.”

Will I Be Creating More FREE Alison Courses in the Future?

Yes! I will be creating more Alison courses in the future. However, it takes me several months to create each course. But I will always write a blog post when the next course is live!

Thanks for reading!

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