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Introducing the First Volunteer for Anthropology 4U!

Clarissa Lesky, a young woman with long brown hair

I am so excited to introduce you to the first volunteer for Anthropology 4U! Her name is Clarissa Lesky.

Clarissa is currently an Anthropology student at a community college, and she is graduating this academic year. Then, she will be transferring to a university where she will continue to study Anthropology and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. In addition, Clarissa plans to earn both a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in Anthropology.

If you’re impressed with her so far, you should also know that Clarissa graduated a year early from high school, during the COVID-19 pandemic! Also, it was her idea to volunteer for Anthropology 4U. Clarissa contacted me and offered to assist me in many aspects of my business! As you can see, she has a high level of ambition, which is not seen very often in other young people her age. 

Before she became an Anthropology major, Clarissa was interested in the social sciences. So, for example, she considered earning a law degree, or majoring in history, or studying political science. But Clarissa soon realized that “every major that I was thinking about…would put me in a box.” And when she discovered Anthropology, she saw that this field offered something different.

Clarissa says that Anthropology “was very interesting to me because it’s the study of humankind and I can integrate all of my interests and all of my backgrounds into this field. So Anthropology won’t put me in a box, let’s say, like computer science will. It will allow me to explore and have the depth of experiences that I want to have.”

Clarissa Lesky, a young woman with long brown hair, standing outside as snow is falling down around her

Of the 4 fields of Anthropology, she is considering focusing her studies on Cultural Anthropology, perhaps with an emphasis on Medical Anthropology. She says, “I think it would be very interesting to study…the interactions between the medical field and their patients,” noting that there is a lot of miscommunication in these interactions. “How can we bridge that gap?” she wonders.

In addition to studying Anthropology, Clarissa has also been involved in helping her local community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she heard that the straps on the masks that healthcare professionals wore were cutting into their ears, causing discomfort. So, she designed a headband with buttons that held these straps, taking the pressure off the ears. Then she used her skills in crocheting to bring her design to life! Her local healthcare professionals really appreciated her creative solution to their problem!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Anthropology 4U’s first volunteer! Keep an eye out for Clarissa’s contributions on Anthropology 4U’s social media platforms–they will include the phrase, “submitted by Clarissa Lesky.”

Thanks for reading!

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