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Learn Linguistic Anthropology: Free Online Courses

Linguistic Anthropology online courses

Are you bored with staying at home due to COVID? Are you interested in learning more about Linguistic Anthropology? Check out this blog post for information on some FREE online courses related to Linguistic Anthropology. And if you missed them check out my previous posts on free online courses in Archaeology and Physical Anthropology.

Please note: All of the websites that host these online courses will ask you to pay for extra features, but the courses themselves are free.

#1: Introduction to Intercultural Studies: Language and Culture

In this course, you will learn about the relationship between language and culture. You’ll learn what language is and how language shapes the way we think. You’ll also learn about how language is used, and you’ll even look at some case studies having to do with intercultural communication.

#2: An Introduction to Sociolinguistics: Accents, Attitudes and Identity

In this course, you will learn about the relationship between language and the expression of identity. You’ll learn about our attitudes to language, and what they tell us about our society. You’ll also learn about some real-world implications of language attitudes.

#3: Noongar Language and Culture

In this course, you will learn about the language and culture of the Noongar people. The Noongar people are the indigenous people of an area of south-western Western Australia. You’ll learn some conversational words and phrases in the Noongar language. You’ll also learn about Noongar culture, including spiritual and religious beliefs, and the importance of “boodja” (country).

#4: Language Revival: Securing the Future of Endangered Languages

In this course, you will learn about endangered languages around the world. You’ll learn about the connection between language and identity. And, you’ll learn about the effect of language loss on people and what is being done to revive endangered languages.

#5: Miracles of Human Language: An Introduction to Linguistics

In this course, you will learn about human language and linguistics. You’ll learn about what makes language human, and how human language is different from animal communication. You’ll also learn about the structure of language, including sounds, words, and sentences. And, you’ll learn about language in society.

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I hope you enjoyed this list of free online courses related to Linguistic Anthropology! Did you find a course or two (or more!) that you are interested in taking? If you want to learn more about Linguistic Anthropology, check out Palomar College’s Language and Culture tutorial at this link.

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