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New Anthropology 4U Club, Forums, and More!

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I have some exciting new additions to my website, including a new Anthropology 4U Club, Anthropology Discussion Forums, and more!

Anthropology 4U Club

Announcing the new Anthropology 4U Club! You can now register for an account on the Anthropology 4U website, and become a Member of the Anthropology 4U Club! Membership is free, and you can register here. After you register, you will need to confirm your email address, and then you can login. You earn points for setting up an account, uploading an avatar and cover image, and more. 

Why would you want to join the Club?

  • you can participate in discussion forums about Anthropology
  • you can connect with other Anthropology 4U supporters
  • you can connect with other Anthropology 4U Academy students (the Academy will be up and running later this fall 2020)
  • you can earn points toward ranks, and view your position on a leaderboard
  • you can earn digital badges
  • you can redeem points for store items and/or discounted/free courses

Anthropology 4U Club Discussion Forums

I have created Anthropology Club Discussion Forums! There are forums for each field of Anthropology. You can view the forums without an account, but you need to be a Club Member to post in the Forums. I will be posting resources about Anthropology in the Forums, including interesting websites, journal articles, information on third-party webinars, and lots more! I hope you will join the Forums, and ask questions and share resources. If you take an Anthropology 4U Academy course, then you can also discuss the course in a Forum as well. Participating in the Forums earns you points, for creating new Forum topics, posting replies, and more. Check out the Forums on the Club Forums page.

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So, what’s all this talk about points? As an Anthropology4U Club Member, you earn points for tasks you complete on the website. For example, you earn points for viewing Forum topics and replies, taking courses, viewing videos, and lots more! Check out this page for a list of ways to earn points.


Each Club Member is ranked by the number of points they have earned. Check out the leaderboard to see your status! The top 10 Members are listed on your My Reward Status page (once you have an account). The full Leaderboard can be viewed here.


There are 10 possible Ranks that you can earn as a Club Member! You can start at Rank #1, Anthropology Newbie, and level up all the way to Anthropology Professor Emeritus! Check out this page for a list of Ranks and their point levels. 

Digital Badges

In addition to earning points and ranks, you can earn Digital Badges for completing certain tasks on the website! There are 40 Digital Badges, and you can earn them by making your first post in a Forum, making a purchase in the new eBook Store, watching videos, and more. Check out the list of Digital Badges here.

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Anthropology 4U Club Rewards

There are two ways you can redeem your points.

  1. Anthropology 4U eBook Store
  2. Anthropology 4U Academy

Anthropology 4U eBook Store: You can use your points to pay for items in the eBook Store. For example, an ebook that costs US$5 can be paid for with 5,000 points. You also earn points for each purchase (the amount varies–just check the item description). There are only 3 items in the store right now (and they are free) but I’ll be adding more items over time! You can check out the eBook Store here.

Anthropology 4U Academy: You can use your points to get discounts or free courses through the Anthropology 4U Academy. More information is coming soon! Don’t see a course that you are interested in? New courses are released every few months!

Once you are a Club Member, you can check out the My Reward Status page for details on your points, Rank, Digital Badges, and position on the Leaderboard.

New Resources

I have added some new resources to the website! You can now visit the new Anthropology 4U Videos page to view my YouTube videos without leaving the website. Plus, you get points for each video that you watch, if you are a Club Member! More videos will be added over time. 

I also added a new SlideShare Presentations page. This page contains all of my SlideShare Presentations so you can view them without leaving the website. You get points for viewing this page if you are a Club Member. More presentations will be added over time.

Learn More

To view information on all the Club Rewards, Just visit the Club Rewards page here (no account is needed to view this page.) For frequently asked questions about the Club, visit the FAQ: Club page. If you encounter any glitches, please contact me through the contact form and let me know! Thank you for your patience as this is the first time I’m trying something like this.

I am really excited about all the Anthropology 4U Club, and the Forums, and I hope you are, too! Please join the Club and get started earning rewards today!

Are you looking for a professional “club” to join as well? Become a member of the AAA (American Anthropological Association)! You don’t need to live in the United States to join. Just visit their website to join and pay the membership fee.

Thanks for reading!