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New Website Coming in Summer 2021!

Screenshot of "Meet Jade" video

You may have noticed that I didn’t publish a blog post for the last 2 weeks. And, I won’t be publishing any for the next few weeks either. Why is this? Well, this is because I’m in the middle of creating a new website AND re-writing my online courses! 

About the New Website

I’ll be releasing the new website in stages, so not all the pages will be live when I first release it. I appreciate your patience as I work on finishing the entire website!

Why did I decide to create a new website? Well, my current website is VERY slow, which is due to a special WordPress theme I used that allowed me to host my online courses on my website. (In case you don’t know, a WordPress theme is like a website template.) Also, I was using software called LearnPress to host my online courses, and this slowed down the website even more. And, a slow website is obviously frustrating for my visitors and students.

Now I have purchased new software which will allow me to host my online courses through another website. This means that I don’t need to use the very slow LearnPress application for my courses, and I don’t need the very slow WordPress theme either. So, the new website will be faster!

And, the new software allows me to do something very exciting—I can now create interactive videos! So I have created an animated interactive video that will be placed on my new home page. You can check out the video below. If you can’t see the video for some reason, just click on this link. Make sure that you click the sound icon on the right-hand side of the video player, as some browsers mute the sound automatically.

About My Courses

I am in the process of re-writing my online courses, including the free mini-course. 

The Arts course and the Gender course are both being completely rewritten, and more information is being added. Why am I doing this? Students have told me that they wish there was more in-depth information in these 2 courses. Also, these courses are only about half of the size of my other courses, so I wanted to make them about the same size as my other courses.

The free mini-course is being mostly rewritten as well. Why? I wanted to add more details to make the course more informative.

The remainder of my courses will have some minor editing done. Why am I doing this? Well, I wanted to make the course content more accessible for a general audience, and I was teaching too formally in these courses.

And, in each of my new and improved courses (including the free mini-course), I will be offering 2 bonus items! Bonus #1 is a PDF document with links to websites, articles, videos, and so on, all related to that specific course. Bonus #2 is a PDF document with links to FREE digital flashcards for that specific course so that you can study the course content. In addition, you can choose to view the flashcards as a matching game, which I think is a fun option! Below is a screenshot of a digital flashcard, and a screenshot of a matching game. I hope you enjoy those bonuses!

Screenshot of a digital flashcard
Screenshot of a matching game

Well, I hope you are as excited about my new website and new courses as I am! And, I’ll go back to my regular blog posting schedule after the first stage of the new website is live.

Thanks for reading!