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Publications by
Keirsten E. Snover

This page lists my academic publications. This includes articles I wrote for academic journals, and also my Master’s thesis. If you have any problems accessing the publications, please feel free to contact me.


John M. Vandergugten, Alice Gorman, Cameron M. Smith, Jim Pass, Keirsten Snover, and Michael P. Oman-Reagan. Thematic Feature Interview Forum: Space and the Outer Limits of Archaeology. International Journal of Student Research in Archaeology 4:19-27.


Access to Resources in Astrobiology: A Consideration for Astrobiology Outreach. Astrosociological Insights 4(1):19-20. 


The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918-1919: The Spokane Experience. Master’s Thesis, Eastern Washington University.


Jerry R. Galm, Errin Edlin, Zachary Holmes, R. Lee Lyman, Kimberly K. Mumaw, Annie Oakes, and Keirsten Snover. Channeled Scabland Archaeology: Investigations at the Cattle Guard Site, Department of Geography and Anthropology, Eastern Washington University Report Series No. 6. (only title page available for download)


Malaria in Africa: Is America Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem. Journal of Northwest Anthropology, 39(2): 189-194.


Perceptions of Malaria among Western Populations and the Wandamba of Eastern Africa: A Cross-Cultural Comparison. Lambda Alpha Journal 35: 29-36.

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