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Anthropology: The Human Challenge

Anthropology the human challenge book cover


A 2017 introductory textbook about the 4 fields of Anthropology.


This is a 2017 introductory textbook that includes information on all four fields of Anthropology. There is even a section on field methods in Archaeology and Paleoanthropology. Most of the information is about Cultural Anthropology, and a moderate amount of information is about Physical Anthropology. There is comparatively little information about Linguistic Anthropology and Archaeology. Contents include: genetics & evolution, primates & primate behavior, field methods in Archaeology and Paleoanthropology, primate evolution, the genus Homo, the Neolithic Revolution, the emergence of cities and states, human diversity, human adaptation, culture, ethnographic research, language & communication, social identity & personality & gender, patterns of subsistence, economic systems, sex & marriage & family, kinship & descent, grouping by gender & age & common interest & social status, politics & power, spirituality & religion & shamanism, the arts, processes of cultural change, global challenges and the role of Anthropology.