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Recommended Reading

Window on Humanity: A Concise Introduction to Anthropology

Window for Humanity book cover
Published: 2018
A 2018 introductory textbook that covers all four fields of Anthropology.

This 2018 introductory textbook presents information on all four fields of Anthropology. It even includes a section on Applied Anthropology. Most of the information is related to Cultural Anthropology, and there are a few sections having to do with Physical Anthropology. However, the book has comparatively little information about Linguistic Anthropology and Archaeology. Contents include: culture, doing Anthropology, evolution & genetics & human variation, the primates, early Hominins, the genus Homo, the first farmers, the first cities & states, language & communication, making a living, political systems, families & kinship & marriage, gender, religion, ethnicity & race, applying Anthropology, the world system & colonialism & inequality, and Anthropology’s role in a globalizing world.