Recommended Reading

Welcome to the Recommended Reading page! On this page, you’ll find textbooks and books that I recommend if you want to learn more about Anthropology. I’ll add more books over time, so check back again to see what’s new. I suggest looking on used book websites to buy these books. You can get previous editions of these books for as little as $5! Check out the online used bookstores ThriftBooks and AbeBooks. I buy from these two stores all the time, and I highly recommend them!

Looking for More Resources?

Anthropology Links. Bangkok.

Looking for some interesting Anthropology-related articles to read? Check out the Anthropology Articles page! View articles related to Cultural Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Archaeology!

Looking for Anthropology-related videos? Check out the Anthropology 4U Videos page! On that page, you can view the videos I have posted to YouTube. You don’t even need to leave my website! 

Anthropology articles. A red Moroccan village.

Looking for Anthropology-related slideshow presentations? Check out the SlideShare Presentations page! On that page, you can view my SlideShare presentations without leaving my website. These slideshow presentations are made with Keynote, which is Apple’s version of PowerPoint.

Anthropology articles. Temple in Thailand

Looking for a list of Anthropology-related websites? Check out the Anthropology Links page! View Anthropology organizations, Anthropology blogs, information on Anthropology careers, and more!