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FREE Mini-Course

Try before you buy! Take the free mini-course, called "What is Anthropology?"
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Books Sold on Amazon

Adult Coloring Books

Anthropology Adult Coloring Book: Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology Adult Coloring Book: Biological Anthropology
Anthropology Adult Coloring Book: Archaeology
Anthropology Adult Coloring Book: Linguistic Anthropology

Word Search Books

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Free Digital Products

Looking for More FREE Anthropology Ebooks?

Are you looking for more free Anthropology digital products? Did you know that you can download some FREE Anthropology textbooks? (You can also view these textbooks online if you want to.) These free textbooks are a great way to teach yourself about Anthropology!

Cultural Anthropology

Biological / Physical Anthropology

Linguistic Anthropology

Looking for free Linguistic Anthropology textbooks? Check out these ebooks!


Looking for free Archaeology textbooks? Check out this ebook!

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